Executive Leadership Advisor Services




AHA understands that the right combination of services for our clients will make things happen. That is why we offer our services in a variety of modalities that meet you where you are – personally and professionally.


Regardless of whether you need one-on-one advising or would benefit more from a group of your peers – the process is designed to stimulate new ideas and growth.




Our CEO Advisory Group provides you with your own “private board.” The opportunity for confidential discussions with a diverse group of leaders of non-competing businesses will improve your problem solving skills and issue processing.


A wealth of real world experience will be at your disposal. The issues and solutions will become clear allowing you to make better decisions, possibly in an AHA Moment!


There are times that you need intensive, individual mentoring and coaching. This venue allows for more in-depth support and insight. Our advisors will help you prioritize your goals in a way only an external advisor can. We will spend time creating your personal and company visions and cultivating the synergy between the two. Asking the difficult questions is a key component. Next your priorities and strategies are unfolded followed helping you create concrete action plans. Accountability for the decisions you make throughout the process is key.


When you need to be sure the meeting is productive, engaging an AHA advisor is the direction to go.


We have experience breaking down silos and aligning the team so they work together. The end result is a productive outcome with established goals and action plans while aligning the staff in a common vision.

Anyone who has been a part of one knows non-profit boards are a unique entity and require a special skill set to lead. AHA will help you clearly define the responsibilities of leadership (Executive Director) and other key roles including the fiduciary and developmental responsibilities. All the essential steps that apply to the private sector, strategic planning, mission development, goal establishment, are even more critical for a nonprofit. Our advisors provide the extra guidance that is sometimes necessary to create an effective team and keep it operating at peak productivity; aligning the board in a common vision for the organization.

Our advisors have many years of experience in leading both business and non-profit strategic planning.


We work with your leadership team in developing a functioning measurable and outcome driven strategic plan to move your organization toward its vision.