Hiring the Right Staff for Your Small Business

Whether your small business is just starting out or is well-established and looking to expand, hiring the right employees is a process that is important to do right. Bringing on new staff members is expensive, from spending time on interviews to paying for drug tests and background checks, which means it is important to do it right the first time around. In fact, replacing an employee can cost a company up to 20% of their annual salary, so being thorough before you extend a job offer can save your organization serious money in the long run. Learn how to be smart and strategic in your hiring process in today’s blog, below.

Sell your company, not the job

The most important thing when it comes to hiring new employees is finding people who want to work with your company. Rather than focusing on creating job ads that try to attract any qualified job-seeker, you want to broadcast your company’s values, goals, and culture so that you bring in talent that is excited to be a part of your organization. Your goal should be to find potential employees who are not just looking for a job, they’re looking for a place to work where they can truly thrive. In order to do this, focus on selling your company first and explain why someone should want to work for you. Then talk about what the job actually is and how it fits in with your company’s goals. By focusing on selling your company rather than the job, you’ll attract talent that will fit in with your organization and be committed to staying.

Recruiting firms can save money in the long run

While you may be tempted to conduct your job search yourself rather than hiring a recruiting firm, consider a cost-benefit analysis first. Think about the amount of time it will take you to write an ad, find the appropriate places to post it, conduct phone interviews, schedule in-person interviews… The list goes on. All of these steps will take away time that you could be spending on running your business. When you think about it this way, the expense of hiring a recruiting firm may actually save you money. In addition, recruiters may have access to high-quality talent that aren’t actively job searching but who would be a great fit for your organization, which you otherwise likely wouldn’t be able to find.

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