The Business Manners That Matter

As social media has made everyday interactions increasingly casual, it often seems as though good manners have fallen out of favor. Though etiquette is often seen as an antiquated ideal, having a basic understanding of good business manners is important for workers all along the spectrum, as much so for recent college grads as for high level business executives. Learn more about the basics of business etiquette that you should know in today’s blog, below.

Business email etiquette

Because many of us use emails when communicating with friends, it can be easy to get into bad habits such as sending messages that contain typos or neglecting to include a thoughtful signature. When sending emails for business, always spend a little extra time polishing your wording to ensure you are maintaining an air of professionalism and be sure to check for typos and proper grammar before hitting send.

Early is on time

Nothing will make you seem unprofessional more quickly than arriving to a meeting late, flustered, and full of apologies. The other person’s schedule is likely just as packed as yours, and it’s disrespectful to take advantage of their time. Always aim to be at least 5 minutes early to appointments so you’ll be calm and collected when the other party arrives.

Put your cellphone away

When you are interacting in a business setting, your cellphone should not get in the way of communication. The arm’s length rule is a good guideline: Whether it’s during lunch or a business meeting, if you are within arm’s length of another person then your cellphone should be tucked away out of sight.

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