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ALLAN HIRSH ADVISORS: CEO Advisory Groups, Mentoring and Coaching

Allan Hirsh Advisors: Vision

Allan Hirsh Advisors believes in making a difference in the lives of CEOs and business owners. We help you understand your personal and professional vision, discover why you are in business, work with your visions to align them with your “why”, give you feedback on what is important, and hold you accountable for your decisions.

All this so you can improve your life and improve the lives of the people around you. Work with us and learn how to thrive.

Allan Hirsh Advisors: Advantages

The Advisor Philosophy We teach. Consultants tell. We are not consultants.

The CEO Experience We have been where you are. We share expertise gained over 40 years of leadership in the private sector, non-profits and trade associations.

The Opportunity to Connect Our relationships with thought leaders across many different industries are extensive. Let us introduce you.

Questions CEOs Ask...

Have I articulated my personal vision?”

Have I set corporate vision?”

Does my personal and professional vision align with each other?”

Am I on the right path towards my business and personal goals?”

How should I adjust my strategy in this economy?”

Am I utilizing my time and energy correctly, or am I too busy putting out fires?”

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Answers We Will Help You Find

Our CEO Advisory Group provides you with your own “private board” that you could not create in house. The opportunity for confidential discussions with a diverse group of leaders, non-competing businesses of course, will improve your problem solving skills and issue processing. A wealth of real world experience will be at your disposal.

CEO Advising/Mentoring/Coaching is best when you need intensive, individual advice specific to your individualized situation. This venue allows for more in-depth support and insight. AHA will still hold you accountable, but will help you prioritize your goals in a way only an external advisor can.

Are You Ready?


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