AHA! Moments



Learn how CEO coaching, mentoring, and advising can help CEOs better manage
their business.

A CEO who spends too much time doing what others should be doing.

AHA! Moment: 
Put a sign on the computer that reads: “Who’s job am I doing?”

CEO considering the purchase of a company.

AHA! Moment: Worked with the CEO to determine the purchase was not synergistic with personal vision.

CEO had put off purchasing a piece of equipment for several years.

AHA! Moment: Helped to evaluate the return on investment and determine that both productivity and gross profit would improve if the equipment was purchased.

CEO whose business declined substantially during the early days of the recession.

AHA! Moment: Reviewed the industry and the business and found the company was marketing to the wrong type of customer. After re-directing marketing efforts, back-orders were increased by 300% in less than 2 years.

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