The Shifting Landscape of Marketing Referrals

Businesses are built on marketing referrals. As many CEOs have found over the years, the single best way to grow a business is by building relationships and expanding on your existing client base. While this still holds true, the digital age has rapidly changed the ways in which businesses get referrals. Where CEOs used to rely on networking events and long lunches to build their relationships, now they must focus more energy on attracting and engaging clients before they’ve even had a chance to speak with them. Learn more about how your business can make the most of referrals, below.

Around 80% of business comes from existing customers, so building marketing referrals is as important as ever. However, thanks to the fact that the internet has made vast amounts of information freely available, consumers are becoming more discerning about who they work with. In addition, they also spend a lot more time vetting a company before they ever even speak to someone who works there. Where in the old days referrals were all about who you know rather than what you know, nowadays optimized web content has become key. This is because most referrals will first visit your website before ever speaking to you and if they don’t like what they see, they’ll quickly write you off for one of your competitors.

The kiss of death for any company is a website that doesn’t clearly explain how its services will help its target customers. When a potential client visits a website, they want to quickly understand exactly how you will be able to help them. Too often, website content is too salesy and referrals leave in order to find a competitor that feels more trustworthy. To learn more about how you can better position your company to capture valuable marketing referral traffic, listen to our recent podcast where we spoke with Lee Frederickson of Hinge Marketing.

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