Social Media & Your Business

People of all ages engage with social media in some context. Some people scroll through Twitter, some find old friends on Facebook, and some send each other snaps on Snapchat. All of these social media platforms provide a special way to communicate and thus, they also provide a unique way to reach a consumer base

Visuals are exceptionally important.

All forms of social media have a way of sharing photographs. There is a reason for this. Though visual language has always been important, the inventions of Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram have created a diverse culture of visual communication. The popularity of email and text messages has declined among casual interactions and has been replaced with long exchanges of pictures. This applies to your business in a strong way. Simply put, people are more likely to engage with content that uses imagery rather than simple text. So, when you use social media as a marketing tool, incorporate visuals easily and effectively, to reach your clients the way they use social media.

Social Media connects you to your customer base.

There is something intimate about engaging with a company’s Facebook page. It gives your customer the feeling as though they are talking directly to your business and to you, then they will feel as though their voice is being heard. Your customers can feel as if you are their friend. Being “friends” gives a feeling of connection to you and your business. This feeling is exceptionally important for your customers to think of you and your products, particularly when engaging millennials. Another benefit of being directly connected to your customer base is that you can give them content to share with their friends and family building new friendships and connections the more loyalty you build with consumers.

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